Medinet’s Training Portal is used to coordinate, document and follow-up resident training.

There is considerable need to be able to document and follow-up resident training on the part of both students and supervisors. The goal is to simiplify and streamline administration and communication between, for example, supervisors, directors of studies and students. It is important to ensure that goals are achieved and requirements satisfied. Medinet’s Training Portal is a simple, user-friendly web-based portal where you can easily obtain an overview of specialist training. The portal is flexible and can be easily adapted for different training set-ups.

Simplify your communication

By using Medinet’s Training Portal, you can facilitate and quality-assure communication within resident and intern training. The portal contains functions such as chat, e-mail and SMS, depending on your needs. The procedure for registering for courses and seminars is straightforward and simple.

Own Library

Each user also has access to a dedicated library, so that they can easily collect documents and links and track their own training in a seamless manner.


Medinet’s Training Portal can easily be integrated with and run alongside Medinet’s scheduling system. Schedules and calendars are integrated with each other, streamlining and facilitating your administrative tasks.