About Medinet

Medinet is the market leader in respect of scheduling for doctors, and is well on the way to also being the same for nurses as well!

Medinet’s range of services aims to optimise and streamline the staffing process through health scheduling and integration with leading payroll systems. Medinet supplies a complete package of different services and systems to simplify and improve your resource management for doctors and healthcare professionals.


Medinet (Medical Networks Sc. AB) was founded in 2007 by Jim Nilsson, PhD, and Tuomo Caprali, M.Sc. Product development initially took place in collaboration with the Medicine Clinic at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. This product kick-started what would become the core service in Medinet in February 2007.

Our business concept is to offer user-friendly web-based services for healthcare professionals with a view to simplifying and streamlining administrative procedures, primarily relating to personnel and resource management.

Medinet delivers

Medinet supplies and delivers web-based services (Schedule, On-Call Portal, Integration and Training Portal) for healthcare professionals.

Medinet is the market leader in respect of scheduling services for doctors, having customers in 20 regions throughout Sweden and by far and away the greatest number of users.

The company has a very good reputation, with our various services scoring highly in satisfaction surveys taken amongst customers and users. Customers say that it is easy to talk with us and that we have a clear understanding of their different working methods and needs. We have lots of good references!

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